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Signs he wants you back

  • Is your ex asking you back?
  • Is there a communication between you and your ex?
  • Do you still love your ex?

When your ex is thinking of getting back together with you, they will react completely different in that way it shows that your ex still wants you back in their life, by that your ex will have some signs that will prove it to you that he really need you back in your life without telling you face to face. it can happen that he still have that fear that he will get rejected by you. Here are few of the signs that show that your ex wants you back in their life.


If your ex doesn’t usually call you or text you but when he misses you and wants you back the first thing he will do he will start contacting you and wanting to know how are you doing, by doing that he is surely wanting love backs from you. If your ex is doing something that he hasn’t been doing for a long time that proves that he wants you back in his life forever.


Once he has started phoning you the next thing he will do is he will talk about the past, whatever that he is talking about he will include the past. Talk about all the memories that you’ll had his intentions are to making you fall for him again that why he is bringing all the good memories that you’ll had together, be careful your ex behavior can be a bit confusing all the things he says can make you feel sorry for him and want him back in your life.


Your ex will start to change and become a better person he will start talking about how he has changed and how he is willing to prove it to you by him saying that that surely proves that he still wants you back, he will start saying good thing about him so that you can get tempted to him and fall for him again. He will even start to regret the past and all the things that made the two of you to break up.

There are many ways that your ex can do to prove that they still want reconciliation but your heart is still longing for him give him that opportunity.