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Free Lost Love Spells That Work

It is very hard to find someone whom you truly believe to be your one and only love but losing the person you love is the simplest thing I have ever seen. So for that reason, you can only be safe if you can find a truly working free lost love spell. If you do successfully find it, there you can stand a chance of getting your lost lover back with you therefore, I’m going to put here a free lost love spell that work maybe if you happen to read it, you can use it to your benefit.

What you need

  • Two photo one yours and one for your lost lover
  • Clay pot or a flower pot with soil
  • Two meters of black thread
  • Honey
  • White chicken
  • Knife
  • Sweet potato leaves

Now you are casting a spell

Get everything ready and next to you before you start casting your lost love spell, after when you are sure that everything is next to you, then you are ready to start with your spell. You have to be good state of mind and full of love or you should try to remember the nice moments you used to have with your lost lover, this will help you to focus on him/ her using only positive energy.

Get knife and slice open the chicken throat and let the blood flow but you should use that blood to make a circle but make sure that whatever things you need are in that circle and also after the chicken is completely dead, put in the circle also.

Anoint the flower pot or your clay pot with the honey, while doing so, it your emotions flow, feel the presence of your lost lover. Tell him/ her how much you love him/ her while maintain your emotions flow.

Get your picture and his/ hers and put them together then use the thread to bind them together and say……names….. I’m binding your love, your soul and body with mine, at this particular moment, I’m creating a spiritual bond between us and therefore you belong to me and I belong to you. I want you to come back into my life with more love, respect and caring and in return, I……, I’m promising to love you without letting anything to come between us. After saying those words, anoint your pot once again and focus, seeing the image of your lover in your minds, then get the potato leaves and plant them in your pot then after that, say these words……. Let this be a symbol of your love. I want it to re-germinate as these leaves will do; I want my love for you to pierce you like a thorn as the roots for these leaves will pierce the soil. Say the names…. I want you to not rest until we are back in each and everyone’s arms.

When you are done, step out of the circle and take with you the chicken, you can either chose to bury it or throw it away or feed it to animals but you should not eat it yourself. Now your free lost love spell is cast and done.