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Free Cleansing Magic Spell That Work

Free cleansing magic spell has to be very simple and yet effective capable of eliminating all the bad lucks and evil spirits from you. The spell can be used by anyone regardless of the age or gender, and it is based on the personal energy. If it is your true intent to get cleansed, there is no anything that can prevent you from using your extreme energy to fulfill what you want.

Now this is the spell and its requirements.

  • Get a banana leaf
  • Leptadenia Reticulata
  • Oroxylum Indicum roots
  • Money
  • Five liters of water and a dish
  • Six table spoon of salt

Squash the laptadenia reticulata and then add the oroxylum indicum roots and leave your dish in the san for about 45 minutes. After that add salt in your water and then drop the money in the water after put the banana leaf on the leveled surface then step on it and wash your body while standing on that leaf.

It is very accurate when you bath from the cross road and night when no one is passing by the after that leave everything there unless only dish but if you cannot bath from cross road, then bath from anywhere where you feel comfortable but make sure that no one should find you while still bathing. It is very important when you are bathing to chant the words that will command your cleansing process depending to your needs remember this is a standard cleansing spell which can easily be customized to much to your needs.

When you are done bathing assuming that you bathed from your house, remove all the herbs and fold them in the banana leaf besides the money. Then take them with you and drop them in the cross road but you must make sure that no one should see you while disposing them. Then walk away for at least 30 meters and ten drop the money there but make sure that you don’t look back, just walk straight to your home.

Remember, this free cleansing spell can work very well but since it is very simple, you can as well repeat it as many times as you want as long as you don’t mess up anything.