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Free Long Distance Love Spell

It is not easy to be in relationship with someone miles apart from you because there is always something to worry about. It takes very much commitment from both two couples to make this kind of relationship workout which is very rear these days. In fact many of long distance relationships look to be destined to failure unless when something is done about it. However, you might spend nights and days trying to figure out what you can do to have a sustainable relationship; well if so, here is the solution to your problem.

Free long distance love spell

This is a powerful long distance love spell which you can cast by yourself without hiring or ordering from anyone. I’m going to give you every bit of information you need in this love spell to make your quest a reality.

This is what you need to do

  • Get the empty bottle
  • Two photos, one for you one for your lover
  • Your hair and the hair of your lover
  • Unwashed underwear of you and for your lover
  • Red thread
  • Small piece of bark cloth if you can’t get it, get a black cloth
  • Dried leafs of Ficus natalensis
  • Twelve eggs
  • Sweet potato leafs

How to cast it

Dig a hole in your back yard or garden then get the photos of you and him/ her, fold them together and use the thread to tie them tight while focusing on your lover, seeing him/ her in much love with you, then put them in the bottle after that put the hair too in the bottle and continue with your focus.

Add the ficus natalensis leafs in the bottle the put the bark cloth in the hole you dug then put your underwear on top of it then after that add your lovers pant or underwear. Put the eggs in the hole too but in a circle like form and place a bottle in the middle of them, the bottle must be surrounded by the eggs.

After doing all those then gently fill the hole with the soil but make sure that you don’t break the eggs. After covering the hole, plant the sweet potato leaves on top of it. Water the leafs every morning and evening to make sure that they don’t die out.

This free long distance love spell will only true defender of your relationship in such a way that your partner will be magically de-motivated to involve him/ herself in any kind of fidelity acts hence preserving your place in his/ her heart. The spell of this kind is very rear and very few spell casters who can give out this kind of information but hopefully as you are reading it, it will be useful to you.