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Free Knot Love Spell

There are variety of spells which have been so useful to married couples for years, these kind spells could make them to have a the edge towards keeping marriage or relationships safe. Some of the spells I’m talking about is the free knot love spell, in actual sense, is this free binding love spell but cast in form of tying a magic knot. You might take it lightly but this is a spell capable of making of making your marriage last very long without any challenges that can threaten to end it.

Casting this spell can be very simple but with huge benefit so therefore, I’m willing to give it to you for free of charge maybe you can be able to save your relationship on your own.

Required Items

  • Two ropes one used on a bull and the other one used on cow but when both ropes are made of banana fibers
  • Your hair and the hair of you lover
  • Unwashed underwear and pant for both of you

Put the hair of your lover in your underwear or your pant and then put your hair in your lover’s pant or underwear then after that use the rope to tie them together. Keep tying and form a knot then after that put it under your bed and leave it there for three nights and days.

Then deep it in water for 20 minutes and remove it, hang it somewhere where it will be swinging days and night after that use the water to cook food for your lover but you both must eat it.

This spell work very well but it get its magic reinforcements depending to the nature of love you have to your partner and the level of energy you inserted in the spell. However you can recast this free knot love spell as many times as you can until when you get the results you feel that you want.

But when you cast and recast the free knot love spell but with no results coming through, you can as well contact Dr Sadik for more help.