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Free Witchcraft Lost Love Spell

Witchcraft is widely known by its magical strength and the role it has played in different in aspects of people’s lives. Thousands of years have passed by when witchcraft is the only thing people could use to seek relief on their problems. It is a kind of magic that has never stopped working for those who have access to it which is why right now, I’m going to open your eyes and give you the free witchcraft lost love spell which you can use to be re-united with your lost lover or make your current relationship the best thing in your life.

Witchcraft is the oldest form of magic practice capable of manipulating everything thrown in its way therefore, it’s is the best kind of magic you can possibly use and have no side effects. However, even though witchcraft has such tremendous powers, you need to be extremely careful and follow each and every step while casting it.

The most common problem in the world which is connected directly to our day to day live is love. The desires to be loved, love or stay with those you love are so high to the extent that one cannot stay at piece without achieving it. Everyone can be shaken at the loose of the loved one which can trigger desperations and the need to get the quick fix of the problem. It is under those circumstances that you find the use of free witchcraft lost love spell more suitable therefore, I’m going to give you the very simple witchcraft lost love spell.

First of all, you need to understand the secret of magic spells, [click here to learn more] magic spells uses one same formula so since all magic evolved from witchcraft, it is the same secret applied even on witchcraft spells.

Since you are interested to learn how to cast this spell, let’s go to it.

The spell is cast between 1:00pm and 2:45pm. Locate the white ant hill and place your fireplace on top of it.


  • Tobacco
  • Charcoal
  • Fireplace
  • Paper on it written the names of your lover
  • Orris roots powder
  • Dried Vernonia arborea leafs
  • Dried leafs of lantana camala
  • Canarium ovatum oil
  • Bee honey
  • Two Termites

Use the fireplace to start the fire using charcoal, after the fire is started, put on the tobacco and allow the smoke to be visible. This is when you going to start chanting calling on to the spirits to embrace your magic spell

Then after that, tare the piece of paper into very small piece pieces and mix it with orris root powder and put in the fire; as it is slowly burning, gently the smoke is coming out, chant these words;

Name of your lover……… I want your heart to be filled with the hill of love for me, to feel uneasy without me, whenever you are to have me in your minds.

Repeat the same phases of words as you continue to add the powder on the fire. Put Canarium ovatum oil in the fire and the add the Dried Vernonia arborea leafs together with Dried leafs of lantana camala as the fire burns, repeat the previous phases of words;

Name of your lover……… I want your heart to be filled with the hill of love for me, to feel uneasy without me, whenever you are to have me in your minds.

Then put the termites in the bee honey pour it in the fire but little that cannot make the fire go off, you need to maintain the fire burning. Then say; this is the offering I’m making in return for your love, I want you…. Name… to get back with me and I want this to be done in …… days.