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Free Stop Fighting Love Spell

Love is something that can lock you up for the best or for the worst, if you think about the couples you know who are in relationship just in words but practically, there is nothing by do to tell that they are in relationship. Then again you think about those people you know who are in relationship full of fun; you might be tempted to ask yourself how they do it!!!

Love is like a sea which sets and become peaceful and sometime you find that it is stormy and dangerous but speaking about love and relationships, relationships are at their best when there is calmness, peace, enjoyment and total romance but you can’t take away it dark side where fight and arguments are inevitable sometimes but it is your responsibility to make sure that your relationship don’t take that bumpy road. You might ask yourself what you can do to stop fighting and endless arguments!!

Of course relationships which are endlessly slapped with fighting and arguments can never last for long, they are always destined to failure and breakups but this for generations there have been always misunderstanding within the couples, would you not ask yourself what would be the solution to this problems? Casting a stop fighting love spells have always been the quickest solution yet with permanent results.

Because fighting between the couples produces negative energy that affects the couples love level, casting a stop fighting love spell absorbs the negative energy produced by arguments or fighting and resurrect or induce their love feelings. But since you and I know that casting this kind of spell can be very expensive most especially if you are going to order it from other spell casters therefore, the best solution would be to show you how to cast it yourself but before we go any further, you need to first of all learn something about magic spells; click here for more information.

The stop fighting love spell is intended to absorb negative energies and produce positive energies that will make your lover to stop fighting or arguing with you and improve your communicating skills with dialogue.


  • A thread from unwashed pant or underwear of your partner
  • A thread from your unwashed pant or underwear
  • A goat hoof
  • A flowing river
  • A young banana leaf without cracks
  • Banana fiber
  • Spring water
  • Orris root powder
  • Footsteps soil for your partner
  • Some hair from your private parts

How to Cast a Spell

Get the threads from your pant and the thread from your partner’s panty and put them in the hoof then add in the footsteps soil after that wrap the hoof using the banana fiber then wrap again the hoof using banana leaf and apply the banana fiber to work as outer layer.

Then take the wrapped hoof and through it in the flowing river then after that say these words; I….. Say your names.. I’m casting away the negative energy which has been influencing us to fight or have arguments. I’m here by sending this evil energy far away from us, I want us to remain while surrounded by positive energy only. After throwing the hoof in the river, turn and walk straight back home don’t look back until when you reach at your home.

When you reach home, burn your private parts hair and get its ash

Use the spring water to cook either food or curry then add the ash in the food together with orris root powder. Make sure that your lover eats that food; it may not matter if you eat together with him/ her.