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Free Love Spell That Work

Free love spells that works accurately that can be the savior of your love life. If you have ever wondered how to can cast a spell to make your lover to never turn his/ her back on you, this is a chance you can’t afford to lose because I’m going to teach step by step on how you can put a free love spell onto your lover without any problems.

Items you will need

Get a lantana camala leafs, a basket, fresh milk, two fresh chicken eggs, a picture of you and your lover, razor blade, Honey, a piece of white cloth.

How To cast a Free Love Spell

Anoint a basket with honey very well while preparing your minds and body to fully focus on the person that you love. Keep anointing until when you are quite sure that you are filled with love energies while seeing your lover through your minds and at the same time chanting his/ her names and say it loud how much you love that person, talk and be in moment as if you are talking to that person at that particular time.

Fill the basket with lantana camala leafs and sprinkle fresh milk on it while the leafs are in basket. Chant the names of your lover and say; I’m opening the doors of your love with this sacred milk, this is the offerings I’m giving to the spirits that are responsible for making the bond of our love unshakable.

Put the picture of you and your lovers one in the basket then put the eggs on the top of each picture, then use the razor blade to make a cut on your body so that you can get the droplets of your own blood the smear the blood on your picture, your lovers picture and on both eggs and then say; this is the bond of blood I’m tying with you. You….. say the name…. should be in love with me……say your name; and feel as if my blood running through your veins.

Cast this love spell exactly when the sun is coming down and then leave the basket together with its content exposed to the sun until right when the sun is going down, then take it in your room or where no one will disturb its content. Then in morning next day, take the basket in the sun again and remove it when the sun is going down. Do it each and every day until when you see that the lantana camala leafs are getting dried out. Gently tie the basket in white cloth but….you should make sure that the content is undisturbed then keep it in the very safe place.

When you cast this free love spell to its perfection, within four to six days you can see very huge changes between you and the person that you love. If you need more help, feel free to contact Dr. Sadik directly.